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Latest Release - Flux 8.0.8 - August 21, 2014

The latest release of Flux is Flux 8.0.8. Download a 30 day evaluation at Current customers can access the Flux support portal at to get a new license key for this release.

Flux Overview

Flux orchestrates file transfers and batch processing. Without human intervention, Flux orchestrates the transfer of high volumes of data and business transactions across different platforms and systems. Flux then manages batch processes performed against this data, including conversion of data, data compression, encryption, enterprise-specific processes as well as secure transfer for backup, replication, and distribution of files.

IT organizations realize that not all enterprise processing is interactive and web driven. Enterprises need to process high volumes of data not suited for interactive processing. IT organizations must optimize hardware and network resources to balance these resources. As enterprises expand the sharing of data across disparate platforms, operating systems, and database management systems, reliable file transfer and batch process orchestration becomes indispensable.

Flux excels in satisfying circumstances where:

  • Files and data need to be transferred unattended to reduce processing time and expense, increase reliability, and meet service level agreements.
  • File and data need to be transferred in a secure and reliable manner among different platforms and systems.
  • High volumes of data need to be moved between many different functions running on a variety of platforms and machines.
  • File transfer and related processing are time-driven, process-driven, or manually triggered.
  • Processes need to be set up to run with the same programs and same (or varying) parameters, ensuring data integrity and consistency of processing.

Flux provides the solution core for many top-tier banks and financial service providers, including solutions for check image exchange, image and document delivery, treasury management, wealth management, and institutional investor solutions (to name just a few).

All of these solutions support high-volume, high availability, and highly-reliable processing that offers each institution opportunities to increase revenue and garner new customers, while reducing operational and administrative costs. Flux's ease of integration into multi-platform solutions, its extensibility using open Java and Web Services APIs, and its unique clustered and easily-scaled architecture provides the underpinnings for current and next-generation product offerings.

Additional Resources

Flux website:

Flux Support Portal:


Use the links at the bottom of this page to navigate the Flux 8.0 documentation — or, if you're looking for a portable copy of the documentation, use the link below to download a PDF copy of the manual. This PDF manual was generated 24 February 2014.

Flux 8.0 Wiki Documentation Export


Flux Documentation


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